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Free, independant and organised by the Adventurers of Bergen

Join the club, meet others who just like you want to be free, explore and share.
Here we are all responsible for ourselves, we respect our environment and others while having a blast!


Monday Fjord diving & beer

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Wednesday Climbing & beer

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Friday out

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Tuesday hike & bonfire

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Thursday BBQ b

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Saturday Discovery

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the Program

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No upcoming events at the moment


Behind the scene


Adrian A.

Hard worker, fun, dedicated! Professional Arborist, free diver, he does it all!
He will take you on amazing adventures where ever you are ...
He is always here to bring a basket full of food up 15 m up in the trees when you need it the most.


Robin B.

The man from the alps who fell in love with the city by the sea. Working most of his time as a rope-access technician or with creative projects like tree-top platforms, boats and woodwork. Enthusiastic about everything that moves fast through the air, on land or on the water.
Having a unique skill set of both being hands-on with physical field work as well as head-work, such as planning, drawing, web-design and developing, a jack-of-all-trades would be a more suitable description.


Bergen, Norvège

+33 6 27 09 23 38

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